Lola found her job in robotics in New York under a visa E-2!

Lola found her job in robotics in New York City under a visa E-2, by using the quiz to calculate her potential future visa, the pack Get Ready, the Resume Review service and the pass Stand Out of USponsorMe. 🙂

Here is the interview:

**The video is in French, activate the subtitles in English directly in the video!!**


Discover how Lola found a job in robotics in New York City (USA)

Lola: Hello…

Sarah: Could you please introduce yourself quickly, your job, your background, skill-set and education you have received?

Lola: Absolutely. So I will just graduate this year from my engineering school in Paris, and I did already two internships in robotics. One in China at ABB in a multinational company, and I am actually working in one while I am in the USA right now, another robotics internship at Texas A&M University. And so I am looking for..

I was then looking for my first job in robotics.

Sarah: Ok and so you were seeking a job in the United States? And so when did you start your search?

Lola: I really started January 1st and then for four months I tried really hard for at least six hours a day.

Sarah: And it worked! You told me that you had already received an offer on March 28th I believe?

Lola: March 28th although I was going to give up on April 1st because I felt like I was wasting my time, but in reality, you really need to keep working until the end. That is what will pay off.

Sarah: It’s great. You helped yourself. How did you proceed? What tools did you use?

Lola: So really I started with nothing given the fact that it was my first time looking for a job and I had only done internships, so I started directly to search on the Internet where I found USponsor Me, and that taught me everything because it was a world that I didn’t know anything about many things, for example, how to write a resume, the ATS, and how to make your resume detailed, to target a specific job. So it was really what had helped me because there are lots of jobs, lots of company and we do not know where to start. So it helps you get organized, and it allowed me to get organized for my job seeking.

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Sarah: And so where did you finally find a job? (job in robotics)

Lola: It will be in New York City (US) in Manhattan in a French company.

Sarah: In a French company! And it will be a small company?

Lola: It is more of a smaller company, but it will allow me to have a job with more responsibilities, as a Technical Project Manager

Sarah: It’s really great.

Lola: Yes it was really what I was looking for, so yes, either you target a large company, and you can get a job with fewer responsibilities – but this firm was exactly what I was looking for, so:

I am really happy!

Sarah: It’s wonderful! So how did you finally find it?

Lola: Yes, so to find a job in the US the most important thing, the biggest issue, problem – is the Visas really. Yeah. So it was to target – You must know – how to figure out the Visa – and it was thanks to you I knew which Visa to look for so at first I was trying to get an H1B. I was going for an H1B and then as I kept searching and speaking with your organization etc. Then I realized that I could get a different Visa via a French company.

Sarah: So you answered the quiz?

Lola: Yes the quiz and I really looked for – I spent a long time online searching and reading law texts, etc. It took me a long time, and I didn’t know where else to look and what to do. The quiz was amazing because I had never asked myself that question, and thought about that Visa.

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Finding a job in robotics in New York!

Sarah: The E2, so you proposed it to them? Did they say yes?

Lola: Yes they said that they were going to offer me that one anyways.

Sarah: It’s great, so you were on the same wavelength that you could get an E2. I really thought it was linked to the Visa.

Lola: No that isn’t the case – it won’t be a VIE, but a local contract.

Sarah: Yeah so you will be able to stay …

Lola: Two years or as long as I want. Perfect, the VIE allows me to get in touch with the HR and together negotiate the job offer.

Sarah: Ok, Ok super cool so I imagine that your salary is at the same level as the other employees?

Lola: Yes, I am well paid with the French companies. The good thing is that we have lots of advantages such as Social Security, they pay vacation time, time off, and they will also take care of a few trips back per year.

Sarah: That‘s so great you were able to add that to your contract and even more benefits.

Lola: Benefits that I wouldn’t have been able to get with an American company.

Sarah: And the last question is: What would be your advice to someone who dreams about working in the US?

Lola: So for me – the biggest issue that I had to face where there are too many options and too many companies and applicants making offers on too many jobs. So to really target what you really want – be precise and not all over the place. There is no need to apply for a million jobs.

Have one specific objective and stay motivated.

It really was USponsor me that allowed me to stay motivated with everything, and keep working, and they didn’t let me give up. Because I got my job offer on March 28th and April 1st was my deadline.

So go until the end. Everything is possible really until the end. And without your help, because we often feel alone, it’s hard for the spirit, and to stay motivated after getting so many negatives responses. But this is how it works; it is like that for everyone. So do not give up. Also, the French have excellent math proficiency and skill-set. Do not let people impress or intimidate you. These assets are something that companies look for, and there is a lack of in the USA.

Sarah: Very well, thank you very much, Lola, for this interview. I am sure this will help others.

Lola: I hope so!

And what about you?!

Are you also working in the US under a visa E-2 as Lola did? How did you do? Was it easy?