Alicia found her job in Los Angeles in security quality

Alicia found her job in Los Angeles in security quality

Find below, the video interview with Alicia.

She found her job in Los Angeles, in the security field, thanks to the coaching with me, the sponsors companies search engine and the resume course of USponsor Me.

She explains us in this video how she did it.

**The video is in French, activate the subtitles in English directly in the video!!**

Sarah: Hi Alicia!

Alicia: Hi Sarah!

Sarah: So we are recording this video today to explain to everyone who is interested in, how you did to find your actual job in Los Angeles. So we’ve been in touch for quite some time now because you took my courses last June.

Alicia: Yes that is correct

Sarah: then you were giving up…I mean, you didn’t completely give up but you started looking back in November

Alicia: Yes

Sarah: with the idea to get an H1B and finally in December at the end of the year you called me. You seemed completely overwhelmed at the end of the rope. You didn’t know what to do anymore and I told you in January that I could help you. And we started our private coaching sessions and now you are here! So we are in July it has been a few weeks you have arrived already, about 3 weeks?

Alicia: Yup 3 weeks

Alicia’s story

Sarah: Great then can you please introduce yourself quickly? Share with us where were you before your job in Los Angeles in security quality? What was your previous position?

Alicia: I was a Quality Control Supervisor for 8 years at the Marseille airport in France. The company that I was working for closed their doors so I lost my job. And decided to leave and go to New Zealand. I was there for almost 3 years, then I came here because of my boyfriend, he is from New Zealand and got a Green Card and lives here today. So I needed a job in Los Angeles that offered a Visa sponsorship to be here.

Sarah: You were not married…

Alicia: Not yet, he is just my boyfriend at the moment

Sarah: That is why you weren’t able to get your Green Card…

Alicia: Exactly…

Sarah: And at the time you needed to find a job in security quality that would offer a Visa sponsorship. What is your educational background?

Alicia: I did my Master in France, which is baccalauréat + 4 years. I got a Master’s degree in Quality and Environmental Security.

Sarah: Ok, Quality and Environmental Security. And you found your job here in the Security field, right?

Alicia: Yes, in the industrial security field. In New Zealand, I was also in the same field: in Security and Quality control.

Sarah: Quality is a bit different. Ok and you started your research and was aiming for the H1B visa at first when we started our private coaching sessions.

Alicia: Yes.

Private coaching

Sarah: And we reviewed together all of the available Visas. And found out that a J1 might be the best option for your job in Los Angeles.

Alicia: Yes correct.

Sarah: Because a year downs the line you might get your Green Card.

Alicia: If I get married to my boyfriend…

Sarah: Yes if you get married.

Alicia: And we intend on doing so. But first I needed to get into the country with a Visa.

Sarah: So we decided on a year and a half Visa, the J1. And then see what happens and that is why we realized that the J1 was much easier to obtain than the H1B. Because right now the H1B is pretty hard to get, and we reviewed together how to negotiate the J1 benefits with your future company. Ok. And what were you doing before our private coaching sessions to get you a job in Los Angeles?

Target corporate sponsors in security quality

Alicia: At first I was responding to a ton of job offers in security quality and I only got one response and one interview. That ended up being negative because they were not offering Visa sponsorship. So I was responding to lots and lots of job offers. And in December after my vacation, I called you for help because nothing was working and thanks to you, to USponsor Me, I got access to your large database and the software that scans resumes, etc. Then all of the sudden, I started getting more replies. It was easier

Sarah: Yes we reviewed that as well… and because of my methodology, you transformed your resume and cover letter to fit in security quality in the US. In regards to our private coaching, we had sessions once a week?

Alicia: Yes.

Sarah: And I am sure that lasted at least 3 months?

Alicia: Yes 3 months.

Sarah: We reviewed together what was the ATS system and the methodology that you applied was the networking one. You did a really good job on your networking, lots of networking! You worked really hard on that. How did it go with your actual company? How were you able to find your job in Los Angeles?

Motivation and persistence: no give up!

Alicia: We found together on the USponsor Me database, the company and then I entered the company info on LinkedIn and I was able to select the French employees (in security quality) that worked there. And reached out to them. All of the French employees integrated into that company and I finally got a positive answer so I started to exchange with him for 3 weeks we sent emails to each other. And after 3 weeks I was able to get an informal interview with this person on Skype. Before he introduced me to his boss. Because they wanted to be sure of my motivations and skill set for this job in Los Angeles. Every week, I sent a follow-up email on how I could help them.

Sarah: You worked hard on the follow-up part, very hard!

Alicia: And how to relaunch them all the time and also a bit because of the contacts found in the database.

Sarah: We had you search for the email of the person so that you could write him an email. If I remember right, you had already contacted the General Manager of that company. And he never answered you. But because you insisted and got in touch with another person just as we went over, to contact a first person, then another, and another one, etc. so it works when you insist with people.

Alicia: And be sure to take lots of notes and when you get an interview to write down the names of all of the current employees in the company and because I had my first contact’s email address with their first name and last name. I was able to successfully send them my intentions.

Brand new position created

Sarah: That is great and it’s very important!

At the end what was so awesome is that they didn’t offer you a job in Los Angeles from the job posting. But they created a position in security just for you.

Alicia: Yes they had a need in this area. I never got any jobs that I applied for.

Sarah: But at least, we should say that with the networking, proactive networking I like to call it the proactive networking. The only fact that you were able to reach someone on the phone helped move the whole process forward. And find a job in security quality.

Alicia: They thought “she is really motivated, and we really need help in this area. She has skills in this field” so they made me an offer they asked me if I would prefer working in the Quality or Security department, where I am the most skilled. So they called me back the very next day to offer me the job. Not the one in the Quality department that I had applied for, but they offered me a position in industrial Security which I was very happy with.

Sarah: I’m, glad you were very happy with it! How about the Visa? Did you inquire about it and what was the outcome of your job in Los Angeles?

USA Visa: J-1 or H1B?

Alicia: Yes they had already done this before with another candidate. The person I was in contact with at first. But it was a long time ago and they weren’t so sure how to proceed anymore. So when I got my interview for this job in Los Angeles, they were a bit worried about it and the fact that it was for only an 18 months contract. They were well aware of the J1 and all of the possibilities afterward. First, the J1, followed by the H1B.

Sarah: Yes it is true that after the J1 it is a possibility so it is always a good idea to position yourself that way.

Alicia: And with my situation, they were saying that there was very little chance that the H1B lottery worked for me. That is why they were a little concerned by the H1B and that it was easier to start with the J1. And once you are in the company and you have proved yourself (in security quality) there is always a way to get the H1B, I guess.

Sarah: Yes it is true that companies are usually opposed to the H1-B. Because it is still a lottery and that you are still not certain to get that person in. So the fact is to start with a J1 and have history working at this company in security quality for a year and a half…

Start with a J-1 visa to get a job in Los Angeles

Alicia: Yes that’s correct they do not want to train people (in security quality) to see them leaving. Except if they are not competent. Or if it just doesn’t work. I think it is a great alternative as well.

How can you find a job in Los Angeles with a visa ?

Sarah: Yes you are right it’s a good solution. Were you able to negotiate the Visa with the company with all the benefits that have this Visa for your job in Los Angeles?

Alicia: The fact that I was able to tell them that they didn’t have to sponsor me. I was lucky enough to have a long-term project (besides my job in Los Angeles) and I was able to also tell them that my boyfriend and I were going to get married and get the Green Card. They felt good about this. But I still believe that I could have convinced them of this project. Even if I didn’t have my boyfriend as a backup plan. I could have told them that in the Industrial Security field, we could accomplish a lot in 18 months and add improvements to their company. So that’s it also as a J1 we are less paid than a regular employee …

Sarah: Yes a little less than the normal salary.

Alicia: So it did interest them.

Private coaching advantages

Sarah: What did you think of the private coaching? Because at first, you told me that you only had 3 months. Because your boyfriend was leaving within those 3 months, and finally it took 4 months – 4 and a half months to find a job in security quality so it was a bit over 3 months but I must admit that 3 months is a bit hard to accomplish that! So what did you think of our private coaching sessions and the fact that we had sessions on a weekly basis, The fact I helped you about how to Network?

Alicia: It really helped me. It really was an amazing support because each week when you apply daily to many jobs ads it can become difficult. It takes on a lot of time and I was also working a regular job on the side it wasn’t easy. And to get a nice boost is nice. There always was news to share, some weeks were calmer, sometimes I received lots of emails. It can be very stressful and to have you and our meetings at the end of each week or at the beginning of it to recap and to know which way to go it helps a lot and gives you the energy to keep going. Yes and to know that you were on site and was able maybe check out the company or even just an outside look at the situation that can help it does help.

Alicia’s advice

Sarah: Ok so what advice would you give to someone that is looking for a job in Los Angeles or in security quality?

Alicia: To not apply everywhere and to everything. It doesn’t mean…Use the database, the database is the base of it all. And also go to the job platforms where you can find open jobs and network because there is always a new company and it is important to keep an eye, on an outside eye, on what is around, and really use LinkedIn, because LinkedIn will help you Network so you can enter the name of a company, and it will suggest other companies in the same industry. So if we search in a specific industry, specific department or field.

I was searching in the aviation field and I was able to discover much other company’s names that you can find in the database. And see if they offer a sponsorship for a job in Los Angeles. And then also be organized and do not apply everywhere and for anything. Try to get in touch with the persons after a first try. So when you apply for job offers, utilize what we went over in the coaching course and the way to contact people then. To be honest, the way to get in touch with the potential employers’ method, I used it a lot on the American people but with the French, I just went for it because we are all immigrants, and they understood better the situation. So I just went for it straight up. I was still very polite and I would say “OK here is my story” it was warmer than yes, voila! They understood better that is all. It was easier.

Start by contacting French people

Sarah: So we took a look at some recent statistics when you told me that you had better responses with the French than the Americans. And now I advise everyone looking for a job in Los Angeles or in security quality, that if there is a person in their citizenship, they should get in touch with first to do it. It is true that we used that you used both ways. And we went over two main things in our private coaching sessions on how to find in the database companies and how to find them on LinkedIn

Alicia: Yes we used that. And another thing there is no need to get in touch with HR because… it’s only one more resume for them it is best to first contact the employee in the field that you are looking for a position. They will then call HR directly or the General Manager or whomever but yeah I believe that the HR staff are usually the most distant person with you because, in reality, they are not the decision makers so if they need someone… they will search for but…

Here’s a job in your pocket with US visa

Sarah: so in your case, you went directly with the person that makes the decision, the General Manager. No, actually through the person, who put you in touch with the General Manager, so they were able to see the value you could add to their company, so they ended up being the ones needed you really OK. I imagine you are happy to be here?

Alicia: Yes very!

Sarah: Is everything ok over there? Is your mission in security quality going well?

Alicia: Yes great!

Sarah: So listen, I would like to thank you, Alicia, to share your time with me and do this interview!

Alicia: My pleasure.

Sarah: I hope it will be helpful to everyone that will listen, to help them find a job in Los Angeles. And in the USA in general! I hope to see you soon.

Alicia: See you soon!

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