Find and hire Top International Talent

Access to unlimited talent from all over the world! Get top international talent right to your door! No nightmarish visa paperwork to take care of on your end – we do it for you!

There are hundreds of different types of visas. You may already work with an immigration lawyer, or maybe you don’t. You may already know a little bit about the visa, or not at all.

USponsor Me is two years old. In our database so far, we have more than 85K international job seekers, all searching for a job in the USA. We have 150 new job seekers signing up ever day.

A Brand New International Talent Agency

We want to proceed step-by-step and integrate all non-immigrant visas one-by-one, as the process is completely different from one visa to another.

So, we are launching our international recruitment agency, starting with the J-1 trainee visa!

The service will officially launch in March 2020. In the meantime, we are looking for five companies that have one to several positions to fill so that we can run an “employer beta program“.

Our goal with this program is:

  • to send you candidates that best match what you describe in your job ad and who are eligible for the J-1 visa, extra motivated, and ready for expatriation in the USA.
  • to guide you through the J-1 visa application process until the candidate can receive his visa and arrive in the USA to work at your company.

Requirements to be Enrolled in Our Beta Program

No visa request experience? Don’t worry! It’s our job to help you understand if you are eligible for the J-1 visa (the first visa we are launching with) and to guide you through the process – there is no paperwork to be done on your end!

  • Your industry should be IT, Engineering, Science, Finance, Business, Management, Marketing, Health, Teaching, Food and more…
  • There are some restrictions depending on the job you want to fill. Please contact us to see if the position is eligible for the program.
  • You should agree to have the foreigner candidate for a minimum of one month up to a maximum of 12 or 18 months.

How it Works

  1. You will have to fill out this form with information on your company and the open position.
  2. We will post your job ad on USponsorMe. Unless specified, the default expiration in the offer is three months.
  3. Our goal then is to only send you candidates that best match your job ad and those who qualify for the visas you had specified.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our service, which delivers to you a candidate that best suits your needs, is TOTALLY FREE!!

Our service fees are taken from the visa fees once you have found your candidate and want to hire them. We have negotiated a partnership with a sponsor, so it won’t be more expensive than you working with a sponsor directly.

The visa fees can be paid by you or your candidate, depending on the deal your company and the candidate have reached. Who pays the visa and legal fees is a negotiation between your organization and the candidate. USponsorMe won’t have a part in it.


We do not conduct interviews with candidates.

Our matching system is not yet perfect as it’s a beta program. See what we are going to improve during this beta program below.

Visa Match

Our system enforces that candidates can only apply for a job if they are eligible for at least one visa you can offer.


We cannot guarantee the candidate’s eligibility for a given visa. Our algorithm guesses a potential visa for them, but, before going any further on the visa application, you have to check with an immigration lawyer or confirm with the sponsor partner.

What We Will Improve With This Program

We will improve our system to make sure to ONLY send you candidates eligible for a specific visa.

So, instead of sending candidates directly to you, we will add an additional manual screening beforehand in order to understand what we should improve on our end.

From now on, you will only have candidates that are eligible for the J-1 visa.

Profile Match

We help candidates craft their resume to make sure they are ATS-friendly, appropriate for the American market, and match the job you want to fill.


We don’t have a candidate search engine yet, nor an application tracking system (ATS) for companies. Also, candidates can technically apply to all jobs they see in our system.

We are doing our best to train candidates via video materials on how to apply efficiently while avoiding the “one-click bulk apply” strategy. In those videos, we explain how to write a good resume, cover letter, and we also provide a paid service to review both when needed. But we cannot prevent candidates from sending irrelevant applications anyway.

So, we cannot promise to send you candidates who best match what you are looking for.

What We Will Improve With This Program

We are planning to develop an algorithm that will match the applicant’s resume with your job description and only send you applicants who achieve a minimum matching rate. This algorithm will allow us to guarantee that we only send you candidates who match what you are looking for.

This is a BETA program: it’s not perfect, but we look forward to improving it along the way with your help 🙂

Editing or creating your page for your job or company can only be managed by us. If you are ready to publish your opening, please do it via this form:

If you have any further questions, please contact us here.

The Advantages of Hiring a Foreigner

All candidates are foreigners that are very passionate and motivated to work in the US. Some of them may even speak your language and have the same cultural mindset as you, which helps a lot sometimes!

In addition, your J-1 employee:

  • will be loyal as they won’t be able to transfer their visa to another employer (except in the event of abusive behavior).
  • will be very smart, a quick learner, and deeply involved in the work process as foreigners often don’t want to compromise their experience abroad and want to stay in the end.
  • will have the same culture as you and understand right away what you want from them.
  • will speak the same language than you and immediately understand what you want from them with no confusion.
  • will have the right skills and past experience you are looking for.
  • will give you tax benefits! See the table below.
Tax benefits for the company in the USA for hiring a J-1 visa holder

We are looking forward to helping you find your next employee!