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The Step by Step Guide to get your job in the USA

5 years ago, I set myself the challenge of getting a professional experience in the USA for one or several years.

After some research, I realized that I couldn't work in the USA without a work visa. And to get this work visa, I needed to get a job, to be sponsored for a work visa then.

In any case, the ultimate FIRST thing to do for everyone is to find a job. Then, you will be sponsored for the visa, and you will be good to go and move to the US.

This guide will tell you how to do this: how to get a job in the USA that will drive you to a visa sponsorship depending on your situation, profile, citizenship, and expectations.

So let's see how to get a job in the USA!

how to get a job in the usa

Is getting a job in the USA easy? Difficulties you can encounter

Since so many people are looking for a job in the USA, the rules have been getting more and more strict as to who can come in and why.

After my own experience, I have seen hundreds of my followers who faces 4 major difficulties:

Difficulty 1

The employer wants to hire you, but tells you that they cannot hire you before you get a visa first...

Difficulty 2

You find your dream job. The employer tells you that they cannot or do not offer any sponsorship...

Difficulty 3

You are not able to connect with those employers! You even don't have any replies from them.

Difficulty 4

The last but not the least. You have plenty of interviews, but even if you don't speak yet about your visa request, you have no reply from your interviewer.

Finding a job in the US is not easy peasy, isn't it? Here you can find all mistakes you make when you apply, and all mistakes you make in your job search in the USA in general I noticed.

In all of those 4 cases above, you are going nowhere! Actually, 90% of failures to get a job in the USA as a foreigner come from 1 mistake. And if you encountered those difficulties above, you might actually be making this mistake: applying without targeting

Even before thinking about building your American Resume and applying to jobs opening in the USA, you have to target the right open jobs and companies for you.

But targeting jobs in your field is not enough at all! Understand that up to 5% of companies in the US may sponsor you for a work visa. And it can be less depending on your situation and profile and job opportunities you can get with it.

So we are first going to dive into what you want, and then what you will get regarding your situation, profile and expectations. This is the foundation of your American project.

On this, you will then be able to build your application, target the right companies and approach them efficiently.

But before going further, I want to tell you something...

What You Want might not be What You Will Get

You might not want to read what you are going to read. I might offend you or challenge you.

It's not because you are going to land in the USA with a work visa that you will get rich, or stay for the life, or whatever you think!

What we are going to see is the reality of the US market as it is today, and you might not like it because if your profile and expectation don't match it, it's not going to happen. Sorry to disappoint you.

Maybe it's going to be easy in your situation, or quite impossible with what you want and what you expect. The thing is, it's always possible! But you might need to adjust your expectations.

If you don't want to accept the reality and adjust your expectations, don't blame me. It's not my choice, but yours. It's your life, not mine. My choice was to live in the USA, and I now live an amazing life in the USA. It's not because I'm lucky, it's because I reviewed my expectations and accepted the reality, that's it.

If you are not ready for such a big step, it's time to seriously think that you may misunderstand what exactly American Dream is. And the United States might finally not be for you. The choice is yours!

Things are, you should fit the mold, or you are out.

Sorry to be rude, but you need to understand that before going further. I don't want to waste your time. So if you continue reading this post, I assume that you agree with that. ๐Ÿ˜€

So now, let me explain to you how to get a job in the USA!

1. What I Want

First of all, you will need to define your career plan: What do you want to do?!

What kind of job do I want to get?

Some of you have a clear goal, while some of you don't.

If you know what job you want in the US, and the equivalence, it's awesome! You already know what to search, and you know exactly what type of job opening you want to apply. Your career plan is clear for you, and you can skip the rest of this section to "What I Will Get".

If you don't have one yet, please don't tell me you are ready to do everything to be in the US. That it's NOT a career plan! I have heard that too much for my taste. I know your goal is to be in the USA and get enough experience from it. But first, you need a CAREER PLAN!

I was in the same scenario when we were looking for a job in the USA. At first, I was open to everything and not only jobs in my field. I applied for jobs in sales, marketing, etc, and I discover that it was going nowhere.

You need to focus on what you love to do, and the skills you have. Where do you see yourself working? What skills do you have? Which ones do you need to reinforce?

How to get a job in the USA with a career change?

If you are tired of what you are doing right now, a career change plan it can be. But you need to figure out the journey you want for yourself to achieve your final goal. Switch to a position that requires your skills or something new you want to learn, which is going to help you to continue your journey until your final position goal.

Keep in mind your goals and motivations for your future and professional path. It also should be achievable based on your expertise and abilities.

You might need to focus on setting academic and work-related goals so that you can use your knowledge and abilities to good use. Although volunteering requires time, commitment can be a fantastic choice when you want to master the skills you havenโ€™t been able to do in your workplace.

2. What I Will Get

The hot part of your job search is now, by discovering what you will get. Now that you know what you want to do, you should check if it fits the US market, and especially for foreigners. Remember, you don't have a work visa yet, so you cannot apply everywhere!!

And to know if your profile and expectations fit the U.S. market, you need to find out what is your future potential visa you are eligible for, and then find the companies that have a job opening in your field, and that can sponsor you for this kind of visa!

But the fact is, at this point, it's vital for you to know what type of visa you are eligible for. Why? Because the target company and the approach with the company will be completely different depending on YOUR ideal visa, following YOUR situation and profile, and YOUR career plan you've just defined.

What is my future ideal visa?

Work visas are incredibly complex. It takes into account a lot of your situation and profile (age, citizenship, marital situation, length of stay, the area of activity, industry, years of experience, skills, English level, etc.).

Your ideal visa depends on:

  •  Citizenship: Your home country can be or not in treaty with the USA, which allows you to get types of visa.
  • Graduation: If you have more than five years of experience OR an upper-secondary diploma, it might be easier for you.
  • Career: It depends on the company you are currently working for. Some companies may want to transfer you into the US.
  • Skills: It also depends on your area of expertise, and your industry! Depending on these, you could get a specific visa.
  • Duration: How much time do you want to stay in the US? Some visas are for several months; others are permanent.

To go faster and to be sure about which ideal visa fits with YOU regarding all of these criteria above, simply take this quiz!

I worked for several months to build and polish this visa algorithm. So let's have a try!

Be as specific as you can, and don't lie in your answer! Or it will give you a wrong result. Be as fair as possible! And it's going to deliver you, the right visa for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

If the quiz returns you a visa, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You're on the right path! But before claiming victory, be aware it might certainly still not going to be easy for you either. You still might have to make some concessions anyways, but let's talk about it later in this article.

If the quiz returns: no potential visa

Unfortunately, it means that it's quite impossible for you to have an experience in the USA with your current situation and expectation. It means that what you want and what you can offer doesn't fit the US requirements.

As I told you earlier, if you want it to work, you will need to adjust your career path or expectation, according to the reality. If you are in that case, I invite you to contact me directly to have a look at your profile and situation. At a glance, I will be able to give you a status: what effort you need to do, what expectation you should change to fit the requirement.

If you still have no potential visa because you don't want to change your expectation, as I told you, it's a dead end for you. I cannot help you anymore, and it's useless you keep continuing reading this post because I have nothing valuable for you. So don't waste your time, I invite you to kindly leave my website and find another way other than finding a job in the USA.

Cool bean! Once you know your future potential ideal visa, it's time to discover open jobs right FOR YOU! But before that, just check if your diploma is recognized in the USA. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Are my diploma recognized in the USA?

Depending on the field you are looking for, you might need to have a degree, diploma, or certificate for sure. In some cases, the diploma from your country can be enough, sometimes not. It actually depends on your field.

For certain trades such as healthcare: doctors, nurses, specialists, etc. ... You will need a degree equivalence, or even downgrade your degree in the United States.

If you are a nurse, you will have to pass an equivalent exam. If you are a physician, general practitioner or specialist, having equivalence is not enough. You are required to get a license valid for the state you want to practice.

If you want to work in a pharmacy in the United States, you also need a diploma equivalence. If you are a lawyer, you will need to apply for a license to practice with the State Bar (US). If you want to become a real estate agent, you also need a license in the State you want to practice.

So if you are in one of those following cases above, you must start searching your diploma equivalence, before looking for a sponsoring employer.

In all other trades, and unless I'm mistaken, the good news is that there is no need for equivalence of your degrees! But you can check it here for more precision.

Concerning us, we did not need equivalence, and it is also the case for marketing, communication, sales, IT, HR, finance, hotel/catering, etc.  

When preparing your visa application, your diplomas and an official translation into English will be required. But for now, you do not need to worry about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So now are coming the more juicy part of your job search!

Where can I find the open jobs?

Keep in mind that 95% of companies in the USA will definitely not offer you a visa sponsorship because as we have seen before, they are quite satisfied with local hiring. So even if you find a great open job in your field, with a perfect match with your profile, it's not going to work at 95% of the time! Try whatever you want, the company won't sponsor you for a visa! Because they can easily find someone like you locally, or because you are not eligible for the visa they can sponsor.

Tell me, why they would mess about visa paperwork, and with a pure stranger from someplace unknown, while they have everything at their place without paperwork complication?

So first: don't waste your time applying for all jobs you will find on the net, even if it's a perfect match with your skills!!!

Max had the same issue when we were looking for a job in the USA. He had interviews in an American company in Denver. But when comes the visa topic, the company declined: no visa sponsorship, that's it.

So why not target only those 5% of companies that are used to hire foreign people and go through the visa request you are eligible for?

Do the math, it's going to save 95% of your time!

So if you were asking how to get a job in the USA, you have now started to get a strong idea of how to do it. What you need to do is to target only:

  • sponsor companies,
  • that can sponsor or hire you with the kind of visa YOU are eligible,
  • with open jobs in YOUR field,
  • which match 80% or more with YOUR motivation and skills.

Does it make sense for you?

You will find open jobs in your field, into companies that are used to sponsor or hire under your visa by clicking here!

USponsor Me only contains sponsor companies. We spent several months to build this search engine! And you will see that by using it, you can filter on everything you need to find your job in the USA!

Depending on the visa you are eligible, you might also need to filter only companies that sponsor people in your citizenship. If you took the quiz, I sent you an email with your kind of visa, and if you need to also filter on your citizenship or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So once you've reached the USponsor Me sponsors search engine, you should filter on:

  • your potential future visa (+ your citizenship if applicable)
  • the job title you are targeting (+ industry if applicable)
  • the location you are targeting (if applicable)

And it will return all the best jobs in the right companies for you regarding your visa, location, and what you want to do, only among sponsors' companies! It's actually the best fit between YOU and what the company needs.

If it returns no jobs, or very less

If you don't find any jobs, it can actually depend:

  • on your visa, you should in that way, adjust your expectations as I said before in this article and target another visa. Reach out to me, and we could talk more about this,
  • the position you are looking for doesn't exist in the US. It happens!! In that case, you will need to do some research and define what is the job title the most effective regarding your profile and expectations,
  • or it could simply be something extra you need to do in the app, as it's not yet quite effective, but don't worry I could help you with that for sure, ๐Ÿ™‚
  • or there are no open jobs in your field. It seems that your field is not very in demand in the USA. In that case that the USA won't be quite easy for you. But before considering this option, you should be sure first to go through all of those above situations.

If it returns lots of jobs, let's dive into it!

Have a look at them and add in your favorite, only jobs that fit you 80%!

USponsor Me is not yet perfect. Sometimes it's possible that a sponsor company doesn't sponsor for a period of time, or makes exceptions for certain jobs. You know, even for a sponsor company, they need to have a minimum percentage of their employee be American. So it can happen that you see job offers with written "no sponsorship available". If it's the case, just ignore the job offer, and continue your selection on other jobs.

Be careful! Depending on your visa, you might not need that the company sponsor you for a visa, as you can be sponsored by a third party! If you took the quiz, you should have received an email with your visa result, the advantages and disadvantages of it, and if you need or not to be sponsored by a company.

If you don't need a sponsorship from the company, the mention "no sponsorship" doesn't apply to you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In contrary, if it's clearly mentioned that the company doesn't take under your kind of visa, don't waste your time for applying, it's not for you. So ignore it!

We are working hard to exclude all jobs that are not subject to sponsorship, and enrich our database with jobs with sponsorship guaranteed.

If it returns lots of jobs, but actually not in your field...

If it returns results, but not compliant with what you are looking for, please email me, and I will be more than happy to help! USponsor Me is not yet perfect. I know sometimes it can be hard to use it. We are working hard to release sooner, a new version where it would be much easier for you to find your job! It's plan by the end of this year. If you are subscribed to the newsletter, you will be notified once the new USponsor Me version will go live. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Targeting is the foundation stone for finding your job in the USA. However, it's the first step of a long quest! What you now will need to focus on is your resume and cover letter! Here, you have several American-style templates you can use.

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