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USponsor Me has been founded in California, USA in 2017 by 2 French people, Sarah Papasodaro and Maxime Hilaire, after they went through the nightmarish job finding and visa sponsorship process themself.

We went through it too, and we know how painful it is to get hired and get a visa in the USA. That's why we created the tool we would have loved to have at the time of our research!

Sarah Papasodaro

Meet The Team

Sarah Papasodaro

CEO & Co-Founder

Sarah Papasodaro was burned out with her job in France and decided to head abroad in early 2014. She received a position in NYC - and also gained a new respect for the expat process.

Leveraging her 5 years’ experience as a software consultant, she has a strong ability to understand customers’ needs and manage the development of a tech platform that will efficiently solve their problem.

What started as a blog on her experiences quickly gained a flurry of new readers (reached 500K visitors in just 2 years, and obtained an impressive 65,000 subscribers to the newsletter in 3 years’ time) - and eventually evolved into USponsor Me along with a new full-time career. A talented business developer, Sarah also has 3 years of startup creation/management experience.

Maxime Hilaire

CTO & Co-Founder

Maxime Hilaire holds a Master’s computer science and has 9 years’ experience as a full stack software engineer. He went across more than 10 successful projects running now in production for Airbus, Sharp, Fox, etc.

Maxime’s challenges as a tech lead are to design and build apps in the cloud that manage tens of millions of documents at scale so applications can ingest TB of data smoothly at the "speed of light".

Maxime’s 2 AWS certifications (Developer & Architect) and in-depth knowledge of NoSql, big data, Cloud, and JavaScript have allowed him to build our platform to the level it’s at today.

He is also a true cost efficiency expert. He designed USponsorMe architecture to be more than 10x cheaper than the majority of existing companies that have the same technical challenges, while not sacrificing stability one bit and designing a very fast and efficient UI.

Read Max & Sarah's story here: how they did to land in the USA, until they got the Green Card!

Tom Lous

Big Data & Machine Learning Engineer

Tom Lous is a Big Data  & Machine Learning Software Engineer.

He develops Scala and Python software that runs on a Spark cluster or dockerize microservices to run on a Kubernetes cluster.

He is proficient with many tools concerning setting up a big data ingestion & processing pipeline in the cloud and deploying the results via a scalable API.

He is also skilled in cleaning & analyzing huge amounts of data, followed by training, validating & testing machine learning models and deploying them in production.

Our J-1 Partners

We Trust

Sarah Brunet - lawyer, immigration law

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Law Office of Sarah Brunet is able to help clients nationwide in their immigration matter.

As an immigrant myself, I understand that your immigration journey is difficult at times. You have invested so much through the process: financially, emotionally, and physically. Therefore, I am fully dedicated to providing you with the best immigration service.

State Bar of California - Los Angeles County Bar Association - American Bar Association - American Immigration Lawyer Association

A unique experience in the USA is priceless...
Because it will lead you to amazing professional opportunities that you do not know yet 😉

-- USponsorMe Team

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