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Why Don’t I Have the “Apply” Option?
You will notice that for some open jobs you don't have the option to apply, but only the option of[...]
How to Filter for Companies of My Nationality and Related-Jobs
Let's go over the topics below: Companies of my nationality based in America.Companies in the US that have already hired[...]
How to Get Started?
New to USponsorMe? Here's how to get started! 1. Create Your USponsorMe Account If you haven't already, create your USponsorMe[...]
When should I start my job search?
For the best and without too much pressure, you should actually start your job search 8 months before your estimated[...]
How to Apply For a Job?
Once you have found an open job that's right for you on USponsorMe, the next step is to get in[...]
How can I know if the company has more than 200 employees?
In our recommendations once you want to get in touch with the company, you will often see mentioned: "Warning! Not recommended[...]
How Do I Find My Internal Contacts?
For some jobs listed on USponsor Me, it's not recommended to apply online. Check here for more information about it.[...]
What does “Work For Us First” mean?
For some visas like H-1B and EB, you may see that they come with the mention "Work For Us First"[...]
What Kind of Visa Should I Ask For, and How Do I Ask For It?
Got a company interested in your profile, or someone who has agreed to talk to you? Before meeting someone inside[...]

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