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How to get started?
New on USponsorMe? Here are the process to get started! 1. Create your USponsorMe account If it's not yet done,[...]
When should I start my job search?
For the best and without too much pressure, you should actually start your job search 8 months before your estimated[...]
How to apply for a job
Once you found an open job you are interested in on USponsorMe, with the one you have a strong visa[...]
How can I know if the company has more than 200 employees?
In our recommendations once you want to get in touch with the company, you will often see mentioned: "Warning! Not recommended[...]
How To find my internal contacts?
For majority of jobs, it's not recommended to apply online, especially when you need a visa sponsorship. The most recommended[...]
What does “Work For Us First” mean?
For some visas like H-1B and EB, you may see that they come with the mention "Work For Us First"[...]
What kind of visa should I ask?
Got a company interested in your profile? Once you meet someone inside a company on the phone or physically, you[...]

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