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Nominated among the 8 Finalists for the 2019 French expatriates award


For International Candidates

Find your dream job in the United States and get a visa sponsorship.

For U.S.-based Companies

Launching soon: Access to unlimited talent from all over the world! Get Top International Talent right to your front door. No nightmarish visa paperwork to take care of on your end – we do it for you!

Features / How Does It Work

USponsor Me:

  • Analyzes a candidate’s profile.
  • Calculates which visas he or she may be eligible for.
  • Directs the candidate to open jobs at companies that can sponsor them for the kind of visa that matches their profile
  • Guides the candidate to a successful lead.

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An average of 200 new subscribers per day (100K+ total international candidates subscribed).


Over 2,000 paid customers.


6 figures in revenue generated since 2019.


Three key business development partnerships in place.

About Us

Each year, over 12 million foreigners struggle to get a job and a visa for work in the USA, spending a lot of time and money without any results. USponsor Me guides them to the right sponsor companies in just a couple of minutes.

USponsor Me matches international candidates with the right US-based companies and helps candidates through the entire process, all the way to job offer acquisition.

USponsor Me is an online career and recruitment marketplace that offers job postings for U.S.-based sponsor companies. Created by assembling more than 6 million visa petition records, the platform uses a state-of-the-art algorithm that matches candidates with a network of companies.

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Our Story

It started with a simple blog to tell our family and friends in France of our life of expatriation in New York City.

In 2014, we (Maxime Hilaire & Sarah Papasodaro) each found a job in New York City one week apart from each other, and we were each sponsored for a renewable 5-year work visa by our respective companies. And we did this without ever having set foot in the United States before (we never had an ESTA). Even without having any network in the country or any rare and spectacular opportunities, it was just 3 months until we each had found a job

Then, I started writing the “Vivre au-delà des frontières” blog in April 2015 to tell the story of all our adventures in the United States to our grassroots, to our friends and families.

But the blog took an exciting and surprising turn… Two and a half years after its creation, 50 people had subscribed to my newsletter! All these people were looking for one thing: information on how to find a job in the United States with visa sponsorship.

It is by discussing my situation that I realize that our story is quite incredible and very rare. I realized that moving to the United States is a very complicated process. People are sometimes looking at years until they can finally do it…

To work in the United States, you must have a work visa. And to get a work visa, you need a job. But companies won’t give you a job if you do not have a visa! This can be a vicious cycle that never ends, and it can take candidates years to break it.

We think it’s intolerable that an expatriation in the United States is so difficult. So, in 2018, Max and I decided to work on the creation of an innovative concept: a web application that analyzes the profile of a candidate, calculates the best visa for that candidate, and directs them to offers exclusively in their field at companies that have sponsored that type of visa before.

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2019/09: USponsorMe Launching For International Candidates

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