New!! Contact email searching with first and last name!

After the official launching of USponsor Me, today we’re excited to announce some enhancements that have all been driven by you.

Our team is proud to announce the launch of a new feature on USponsor Me app:

Find your contact email with his first and last name!

You know it! Day by day we try to give better and simpler options to those who use this tool, making it easier to connect with only employers who sponsor visa.

As you know, this fantastic tool allows you to find your employer regarding the potential ideal visa you are eligible, and the job you can apply. And you can also connect directly with Decision Makers (executives, managers, recruiters, etc.) and gain their trust that will significantly support your application.

For that, you can now find the decision makers emails in your field, with their First and Last name!

What can be easier than that?

What changes with today’s update?

internal contact email finding by major job title for applying a job in the USAUntil today, you have been able to find decision makers in the company with the Sponsor Search Engine of USponsor Me.

Then, by selecting the major title of the contact: HR, Executive, Manager and Other Employee. Once you click on it, you are able to see first name and last name of people in this position inside the company.

And then, by clicking on “View Email and Profile”, you are able to see the Social Media Profile of the person, and his email.

But what happens if you already do know the first and the last name of the person you want to contact?

Clicking “See more” hundreds of time was not a solution. That’s why we develop this new feature in addition. 🙂

In which case you can use it?

In the case you first find your Decision Maker on LinkedIn, Google, or other channels, you will know his name (first and last name), and his company. Then, what you only need is his email to contact him!

Be aware that there is more chance that your contact consults his email rather than his profile LinkedIn or other Social Platform…

So you can take your plans into action by now contact him directly by email! In addition, you will know not only his email but his social media profile to know more about him: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

With this new feature, only contact sponsor companies that match the best for you and put the odds on your side with them!

How does it work? 

contact email usponsor me new feature Log in your USponsor Me account and go to your Dashboard.

You will see the new feature on the right side of the screen, called “Find contact email & profile” with three cells: First Name, Last Name, and Domain.

A domain name is the website name of the employer’s company. Therefore, it is the address where Internet users can access the website without the “https://www” part.

-> Website Page:
-> Domain:

Having this in mind let’s give it a world!

employer contact emailSo, for example, you were searching companies on the Sponsor Search Engine of USponsor Me, and you felt interested in Apigee Corporation. After searching on LinkedIn people who work there, you now know exactly who you want to contact.

If you do, you only need to, as we said before, enter the information required to get your internal contact email address.

There are two options to get email

  1. Click the email button to open a new message on your mailbox with the email wanted already added.
  2. Or you could right-click on the same icon and select “Copy the email address” option. Doing this you could use it, or save it wherever you want.

credits available for contact emailThis action will cost you 1 (one) Touch Credit of your remaining ones.

Remember, if you have the Get In Touch Plan you have 15 Touch Credits /month included, and if you have the Stand Out Plan, you will enjoy of 30 Touch Credits /month included. 🙂

1 Touch Credits = 1 Contact Information (email, social media profile)

And don’t worry! If you search multiple times the same contact, the app will only discount you the first time you did it.

IMPORTANT: This feature is locked for people who have the Basic Step

To unlock this feature and so much more, you need to UPGRADE to the “Get In Touch” or “Stand Out” Plan, to fully take advantage of USponsor Me and achieve your goal: Get your job in the USA! It’s without engagement, you can cancel it at any time in one click.

If you are not yet part of the USponsor Me app…

You just need to click here and sign up for free!

Thanks for all your feedback we get from you every day! Above all, we genuinely appreciate you helping us build the best service based on your needs. 😉

Going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through the blog and provide new articles and notifications to give you all of the information you need for your job search in the USA.

We hope you love this awesome feature. Let us know your thoughts & comments!

Sharing is Caring!

Sarah Papasodaro

Expat in the USA, CEO & co-founder of USponsor Me. My goal is to help you achieving your American Dream: living and working in the USA. :)