USponsor me is now live!!

We are proud and super excited to announce the first version of USponsor me, which is now live! You can sign up today for FREE, and find your sponsor company right away! USponsor me contains open jobs from companies which offer US visa sponsorship.

As a result, you will be able to discover the best way to getting a job in America and work visa for you, also the Step-by-Step method to allow you find a Job in the USA, and finally, finding YOUR sponsor company with the powerful USponsor Search we offer.

Getting a job in America as a foreigner, it happens to us 4 years ago…

What is the good strategy for getting a job in America?

I’m European, more precisely French. I studied in France, but also in Germany and Slovenia. I also did an internship in Switzerland, German part. So I know with my experience that international experience is very important in getting ideas and creating something new that can help the world move forward.

Max and I were looking for international opportunities, as Information System Consultant for myself, and Software Engineer for him, in our dream country: Canada, Australia, or the United States. And, we did it! 6 months after, we were both not in Canada or Australia, but in New York City, USA.

We found a job in a company which offered US visa sponsorship

My company was looking for a specific talent like myself, someone expert in a German worldwide ERP software named SAP, also who can speak French and English. Max’s company was looking for a specific talent like Max, who well knows the Software engineering.

Also, we’ve noticed that there was no website, nothing where we could find job offers, especially from companies based in the USA that are looking for specific Worldwide talents, and ready to offer a US visa sponsorship.

Nowhere to find it… Why not creating it?

As a result, I got the idea to develop an online portal like LinkedIn, specifically to connect people in the world who are looking for an international opportunity, with US-based companies that are looking for International Talents.

Therefore, USponsor me (the company) has been officially created on Jan 30th, 2017!

What can an international experience in the USA do for you?

Most of all, I encourage international exchanges and want to offer an international experience for you, International People.

Why? Because it’s going to change your entire life and the way of thinking for the best, as it did for us!

USA is the market I know the best after living in the USA for 4 years now and still being on site, and after my personal experience of finding myself an opportunity in the USA.

The United States of America is definitely the land of great opportunities, and still the favorite destination for great international people. This country needs the brightest people in the world on their side, by allowing companies to continue to offer the best ideas, products, and services.

Be part of the adventure and contribute to the future of the USA!

Finally, discover this new way of working and learn! It would be a fabulous professional and personal experience on your own. And if you plan to return to your home country, serve your country and environment with what you’ve learned!

For who is USponsor me?

USponsor me is designed for great talented international people who want a great experience abroad, for their career boost.

It’s not for people who absolutely want to go to the USA, just because it’s a « dream » without any professional goal. Why?

Because you are going to be upset!

Life in the USA isn’t all rainbows and lollipops. There are lots of advantages, but also a lot of disadvantages. It’s not for people who are ready to do anything just to be in the USA.

Sure, it’s not because you are following your significant other that the platform is not for you! But you should have a real professional goal behind this. If you don’t, go and marry your significant other, and you will be able to get the work permit, but don’t come and ask me because I cannot help you.


To use the platform, you should have:

  • A minimum English level required
  • A real professional goal
  • The project to stay a minimum of 6 months to undefined

You don’t need to have a diploma to use USponsor me. Sure, it is more designed for graduates, but if you are passionate about what you do or what you want to do (an amazing cook, or an incredible stuntman), AND you know what you want, you have your chance!

The United States of America is a land of opportunity, but first, think about what you want to accomplish in your life! And go ahead!

Not sure?

Don’t you have any work visa or work permit for the USA? Don’t worry, USponsor me is here to help you getting a job in America in a sponsor company which will handle that. 😉

Don’t you know what job title you should target exactly? USponsor me will help you!

Aren’t you bilingual in English? Good! Conversant English is enough.

Finally, you don’t need to know the USA or someone over there, or having a connection. Don’t be afraid about that; we will cover it!

The USponsor me adventure

Maxime and I thought about how we could afford an online portal to connect companies based in the US that are looking for specific talents, with world brightest people who are looking for international opportunities. And, it took us long hours to figure it out.

How can you apply for a job in the USA?

What strategy to use? What tool to use?

Our master goal is to offer to our members the best user experience that they ever need to FIND their job abroad, in the USA. And for that, we need to be captain of our ship, by essentially being in control of the online portal. So what? We built it!

It was quite challenging for Max to develop it from scratch on his private time, and I, to start a new website from scratch, find the tools we could connect to, and manage the whole business! We made concessions and choices and, it was not easy to run a project like this. But now, it’s here!

In addition, it’s not perfect; it’s the first version. Only International Candidates have access to the platform yet. But, USponsor me’s adventure is not finished! We got plenty of ideas to share with you, and we look forward to implementing all these features!

Here are a few features coming soon:

  • Unique companies: no more company duplicates.
  • Account for employers who could post their own sponsor jobs!
  • Candidate resume upload and visible to employers.
  • Huge improvement regarding search experience.
  • A friendly dashboard where you would be able to proceed systematically and to manage your favorite sponsor, contact, etc.
  • Internal connection with other International People already on site.
  • And much more!

So let’s do it! And, get started for free!

Do you have any question? Or, a doubt? Let your comment below!