TN – NAFTA Professionals

30,000 TN visas have been delivered in 2019.


To petition for a TN, you and the position offered should be eligible.

Occupation’s Requirements

The TN occupation should be part of the NAFTA occupations list.

The relationship between you and the entity should be an employer-employee relationship (W-2 part-time or full-time, no 1099 contract).

Candidate’s Requirements

  • You should be a Mexican (TN2) or Canadian (TN1) citizen,
  • and you wish to pursue one of the NAFTA occupations listed above,
  • and fulfill the requirements here for the concerned occupation.

Length of Stay

TN Visa & Employment Duration

The TN can be granted for up to 3 years and can be renewed as long as you and your occupation qualify for it. It can be less:

  • if the time period of your offer of employment is less: in this case, the TN will be issued for the indicated time of your offer of employment,
  • if your passport is valid for less than 3 years: the TN will be issued until the expiration date of your passport.

You’ll be tied to working for your employer(s) willing to take on the TN obligations. As long as you are employed at your TN employer, your TN is valid until its expiration date. If you are laid off or if you take the decision to end your current employment, your TN visa will stay valid for 10 days after your last day working for your TN employer. You’ll have 10 days to transfer your TN visa or file a change of status.

Visa & Employment Transfer

Change of Employer

As long as your TN is valid, you and your new occupation are eligible for a TN, you will be able to change your employer. To change your employer, your new employer will need to file the form I-129 with USCIS (if you are still in the USA), or you can request your TN outside the USA as you have done the first time (see the process below).

Transfer to Another Visa

There are no restrictions that restrain you to file for or get another type of visa other than the TN when you have a valid TN visa or after.

Compensation & Benefits

You can work part-time or full-time for an employer and work for one or multiple employers as long as each job qualifies as a NAFTA occupation. In that case, you’ll need one TN visa for each employer, you can hold several TN visas at the same time.


Your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age can be your dependents and will be able to come and live in the United States with you under a TD visa.

Your spouse and children with a TD will be able to study in the United States.

Your spouse with a TD will not be able to file for an EAD (Employment Authorization Document).


Process Step by Step

Here is the process in this right order:

  1. Find a job at an entity willing to hire you as a NAFTA professional
  2. Apply for the TN (at the U.S. embassy for Mexicans or at a port entry when you travel to the United States for Canadians)
  3. Get the TN visa and travel to the USA (if you are outside the USA)

You can not skip any steps. For example, if you haven’t got any job proposal from an entity willing to hire you as a NAFTA professional, you won’t be able to apply for a TN visa.

Job Search Duration

Your job search duration (step 1 above) will vary depending on your profile and how hard the difficulty is for U.S. employers to hire in your field. In addition, you might need to pass a U.S. license to be authorized to work in your field in the USA.

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Visa Process Duration

The visa process is step 2 above.

For Canadian candidates: it is immediately at the port of entry.

For Mexican candidates: it takes 3 weeks, the time to get an appointment at the consulates/embassies. There are 9 consulates and 1 US embassy in Mexico.

Visa Fees

Fees for a TN visa are estimated to be up to $1,250 USD.

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