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With an Attractive Resume.

Only 3% of resumes make it past the first round. Be in the top 3%!

Learn your target. Make your American resume in minutes

We will ask you some questions, just answer them, and we will guide you on what occupation you should target to be eligible for a visa. Adjust your resume to the targeted jobs.
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Write your work experience in the American way

Use our 400+ pre-written phrases to write your bullet points, that check all American criteria to impress: with strong action verbs, results-focused, quantitative and soft skills showcase.
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Download your American ATS-friendly resume in 1 click

We save you the hassle of crafting your American ATS-friendly resume, download your USponsorMe resume in 1 click. It is already ATS-compliant, adapted to the US market, to your profile and correctly structure. Download your resume

Do not miss anything important

We get your back! If we detect important information that are missing in your resume, we will tell you what they are and guide you where to add them. See if your resume needs to be improved

See how your resume matches the jobs in real-time. Optimize it

Learn what keywords you have in your resume and which ones are missing. Optimize your resume based on those results for maximum impact. The more keywords you match, the more chance you have to be among the top 10 candidates that match the best for the job!
This feature is available on USponsorMe+

Get your resume reviewed by an expert as many time as you need

Adjust your resume as much as you want till you perfectly match it with the jobs you target, and get it reviewed by a professional each time you need it. We will give you detailed tips on how exactly to fix your resume to have a much greater chance of securing interviews.
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Get professional guidance to effectively showcase your skills

We will manually examine your resume, and provide you video guidance on how to effectively showcase your skills and experience to American employers. We will look at the content of your resume especially on the wording used in your summary and to describe past work experience, the level of details provided about past accomplishments, your achievements and orientation, and the overall organization and flow of the document.

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Craft an irresistible American cover letter

We provide training videos to teach you how to craft an irresistible American cover letter that will capture recruiter's attention, and some examples of cover letter. We will especially focus on how to adapt your cover letter according to the target position by showcasing your value to the job, how to genuinely introduce your visa sponsorship request in your cover letter without scaring recruiters (if needed), and how to write a powerful call to action.
We also provide factsheets, a vocabulary sheet, and exercises.

online video course how to create an American cover letter
video e-course how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to get hired

Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Have a visible positive image

We provide training videos and examples to teach you how to build your online image, stand out and be found by recruiters in the US, build your network, and get recommendations.

I increased my response rate by over 50%! Now, I receive almost 75% of the responses to my applications.


Sales Director & Team Leader

Testimonial of a happy client

I found my job in New York. I thank you again for your work that really helped me in my research. One of the crucial points on which you helped me is the resume editing. In addition to ATS compliance and the presentation of an official resume, really targeting a position and only showing the information related to this position allowed me to be selected.


Robotics | Mechatronics | Embedded Systems

testimonial happy client