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What They Say

We built this job site strong of our 8 years of experience in the U.S. job search market and visa sponsorship.

Kevin S.

Supply Chain Director

Before starting the program with you, I massively applied online several months without any success.

Once we started the program, I got my first interviews 2 weeks after the beginning, and I got around 25 interviews during the program. Knowing my potential visa and with a strong visa pitch preparation, I finally got my job as a Supply Chain Director!

Found His Job Within 4 Months

Alicia S.

Quality Safety Environment Manager

Video in French, activate the English Subtitle

I searched for 3 months, a job in California by myself without success until I enrolled in the method and job board. Sarah's advice and thoroughness quickly helped me find my position in 4 months under a J-1. And now I'm waiting for my H-1B!

Found Her Job Within 4 Months

Amandine P.

Operations Assistant

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I have long sought quality advice to move to the US, and Sarah made such a big difference because she has real field experience. She knows the reality, and her coaching is effective because it is based on real facts and was also very practical. Her help and expertise helped me throughout the research process. I highly recommend working with her if you want to reach your expatriation goal.

Found Her Job Within 4 Months After Getting 2 Job Offers

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