Directly message recruiters and stand out

Even by applying for jobs with a good visa chance score, meaning the company may offer a visa sponsorship for the position, you still compete with locals.

And by answering "no" to the question "do you have a work authorization?" or "yes" to "do you need a visa sponsorship?" during the application process, you will be put aside, allowing the recruiter to first consider candidates with work authorization.

Do not lie! However, in addition of applying online, it can make a huge difference to also directly reach out recruiters or hiring managers by email to grab their attention. By doing this, you are showing your motivation, and your application will be considered among the first candidates!

Directly emailing the recruiter or hiring manager is also a huge advantage for you to better explain your visa sponsorship request and reassure the company.

You need one Touch Credit each time you access to the email and social media profiles of a recruiter or hiring manager. Touch Credits are available in USponsorMe+.