What does “Work For Us First” mean?

For some visas like H-1B and EB, you may see that they come with the mention “Work For Us First” written next to it for a concerned job or company.

What does it mean?

It means that the concerned company doesn’t sponsor straightforward for the H-1B or EB, someone they don’t know.

However, they still do!! But only if you work for them first. 🙂 That’s why we called it like this.

Why the most of the H-1B and EB come with this mention?

This is unfortunately the reality of the current US market, and thus from 2014.

Regarding the H-1B

Regarding the H-1B visa, a large majority of companies is subject to:

  • the petition filling deadline which is once a year only,
  • quotas (for the majority of you, the company has 1 chance on 3 to get you. Yes, you will go through a lottery),
  • an additional 6 months wait after you know you will get the H-1B, to obtain it.

Here I explain what you should be careful with the H-1B visa if you want more information about this.

Do you really think the company will wait after you for 1 year or more sometimes without being sure to have you at the end?

Stop dreaming!

Regarding the EB (Green Card)

Regarding the EB-1, EB-2, or EB-3, in other word, the Green Card, the reason is lightly different.

The process of an EB is extremely long (months or years depending on your profile), complexe and expensive for the company. So as they don’t know you, what you can bring to them, and as they need someone within a few weeks or months: be realistic, it won’t happen!

What you should do then?

Forget those 2 kinds of visa for a first employment at the company. Instead, focus on another kind of visa you match with the company: it’s the one you should request to the company!

For that, check in your “My Visa Match” bucket for the job you are interested in, what other kind of visa you match with the company.

what visa you are eligible for

If you don’t have any other visa you match with the company, skip the job, because it’s dead end unfortunately.

If you do have another one, let’s get in touch with this company! But again, you know what kind of visa you should request once you have someone inside the company on the phone. 😉

To prepare your visa request, click on the link “Grab My Visa Arguments” close to your “My Visa Match” in the job details page. 😉