Who Should I Contact?

In Which Situations Should I Contact Internal Employees?

For some positions on USponsorMe, you are able to apply by directly sending an email to the internal recruiter. In that case, and if your resume matches at least 90% of the job description; send by email to internal recruiters, your cover letter in the body of your email, and your resume as an attachment.

If your resume doesn’t match at least 90% of the job description; we recommend you find contacts in order to get an internal referral instead of applying. In that case, you will need to find contacts who work at the concerned company, retrieve their social media profiles, and email addresses so you can be in touch with them.

Who Should I Contact?

Depending on the strategies explained above, your contacts search will be different.

Internal Recruiters

For finding internal recruiters, you should search for contacts by position title by typing the keywords: “talent acquisition” – “recruit” – “human resources”.

Internal Referrals

An internal referral is someone inside the company who refers you to the internal recruiter. More information here:

You won’t directly contact the internal recruiter because you want to be referred by someone inside the company. So instead of directly reaching out to internal recruiters, you will reach out to people who can become your referrals.

Watch this video to discover who can become your referral, and what position title you should search:

Once you have identified the position titles of people who can become your referrals, find them like this.

How To Convert a Contact into a Referral?

We provide you with the whole method of how to efficiently connect with people and convert them into your referrals in Academy, the Get an Internal Referral section.

Need help finding hiring managers to contact and get response from them? We definitely can help you! Apply for a coaching session with us.