When should I start my job search?

For the best and without too much pressure, you should actually start your job search 8 months before your estimated departure date. Because you will need 3 to 6 months to find your job, and another 3 to 6 months average to get your visa.

If your departure date is much closer than 8 months, you need to determine a timeline and a deadline in your job search, and be realistic regarding the job openings. Starting with the question: How much time do you allocate to your job search?

If you only have three to four hours a week and your estimated departure date is not within eight months, you will spend four to six months searching for jobs and getting results, then one to three more months to obtain your visa. In this case, you should go with the: “Get Hired” within Six Months plan

However, if you are planning to move during the three upcoming months, then give more time to your searches and find your job within three months. The best choice is to go with the: “Get Hired” within Three Months plan