Why Don’t I Have the “Apply” Option?

You will notice that for some open jobs you don’t have the option to apply, but only the option of finding contacts.


If the listed job doesn’t clearly mention offering visa sponsorship, and if it’s a medium-sized or large company, it is likely using an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), and you will be asked the question “Do you need visa sponsorship?” when you apply. If you answer yes – guess what – your resume will be automatically filtered out, and it won’t be seen by a human being.

You have a 0.01% chance to land an interview when applying online that way. Since we want you to get results with our platform, we decided to not let you apply in that case.

Here is a video that better explains why we do not allow you to apply in this case:

What to do Instead?

Instead of applying, you still have the option to find contacts. So, in that case, just stick with the plan: find contacts and reach out to them directly!

You can find internal recruiters to send out your resume, or you can get an internal referral.

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Sarah Papasodaro

Expat in the USA, CEO & co-founder of USponsor Me. My goal is to help you achieving your American Dream: living and working in the USA. :)

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