How to Get Started? Check Your Eligibility!

New to USponsorMe? Here’s how to get started!

You have to first check if you qualify for a visa we can help you with and if you find job opportunities for you in our platform.

1. Create Your USponsorMe Account

If you haven’t already, create your USponsorMe account.

2. Complete your profile

Once you are logged into USponsorMe, the first thing to do is to complete your profile. Your profile information will be used to calculate which visas you may qualify for.

To do this, on your dashboard, click on the link in this yellow box as shown below:

How to complete your profile on USponsor Me

Once you’ve completed your profile, it will show you a list of visas. You will also see them in your dashboard in the “My Future Visa” section:

You can, at any time, use the Visa Simulator to recalculate your ideal visa if you are unsure about your answers.

3. Find Open Jobs for You

Once visas are calculated for you, from your dashboard, click on the button “Check Opportunities“, or click here, to see suggested jobs for you based on the job title you are looking for and which visas you may qualify for.

Profile & Expectation Matching

Refine your search by industry and/or location if needed.

If you do not see any open jobs so far or see jobs that aren’t relevant, change the keywords in the top search bar or extend the radius on the location to encompass a greater area.

Please note: do not consider a career change for your upcoming job in the U.S.A because U.S. immigration will ask you for proof that you can do the job to issue you the visa. So, stick with a target position you already have experience with, or at least something similar. If you have only a few instances of job experience or no experience at all, stick with a position that is related to at least one of your degrees.

Try as much as possible to target companies that are in need of someone bilingual and have the same culture as you.

Visa Matching

You can see for each job the type of visa that matched you with the company:

what visa you are eligible for

Check here for what to do if you see the words “Work For Us First” in brackets close to a specific visa like above.

We strongly recommend you to prioritize :

  • open jobs that have the tag “Visa Sponsorship Guaranteed“:

To only see jobs that guarantee visa sponsorship, turn on the Visa Guaranteed criteria in the filters:

  • or open jobs that have the highest visa score:

Here is more info how we calculate this visa score.

Once you find a job that you are interested in, you can either get in touch now with them, or save this job for later by clicking on the heart at the top right.

Once you have selected some jobs that are perfect for you, it’s time to prepare your resume!

Can’t Find Any Open Jobs?

According to the Wall Street Journal, 80% of open jobs are never posted.

So, you still can target sponsor companies with a high visa score match rate, even if they do not have any openings listed.

To see those companies, click on the “building” icon in the top left:

How to switch to company search on USponsor Me

Once you have found some companies that are right for you, bookmark the URL in your browser. 😉

Then, get an internal referral. More info on how to find internal contacts.

4. Craft Your American Resumen cover letter and LinkedIn profile

Your resume should be in English, adapted to the US market, ATS-friendly, in the right format for you, without any visa request mention, fit the job you are interested in and typos-free.

In addition, you should have a LinkedIn profile that matches with your resume and a cover letter adapted to the U.S. market, and tailored to the job you are interested in.

If you do not have those documents ready, we can help you with that with our resume service packages.

If you are unsure of your resume meets the requirements and good to go for applying, contact us so we can review your resume for free.

Once you are all set, next step is applying.

Please note: the possibility to apply is reserved for ‘GET HIRED’ members.

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