Scan your resume and be visible to recruiters

Today, 75% of companies in the United States use an ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). Upon reception of candidates' application: 

  1. The robot parses data from applicants' resume into a software
  2. The robot sorts them by relevancy
  3. The robot shows the recruiter the TOP 10 CANDIDATES for the job
  4. The recruiter contacts those 10 candidates only for an interview

All other resumes beside the TOP 10 won't never been seen by a recruiter, that usually represents 75% of applicants.

Scanning your resume for the job will tell you if you will likely appear in the TOP 10 CANDIDATES as soon as you apply for the job.

And if you won't, it will tell you how you should reword your resume in 10 minutes for you to get into the TOP 10 and land job interviews.

Scanning your resume is the first step of the applying process before applying for the job. You need one Scan Credit each time you scan your resume for a job. Scan Credits are available in USponsorMe+.