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Resume Review

Some of the criteria you use on your resume adapted to your home country may hurt you in the US market: your resume must be up to the American standards. Also, 75% of companies in the United States use a screening software called ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). If your resume is not properly formatted and does not contain the right keywords in the right place, it will never be seen by a recruiter, even if you are a perfect fit for the job. 

Formatting Check Report: Get a 100% Robot-Friendly Resume That Fits Your Profile

We first check if your resume meets the U.S. standard; if it is ATS-friendly, is the right format for you, and is well structured, as well as adapted to your field and industry. We also review any visa sponsorship request you mentioned on your resume.

Once you have submitted your resume to us, we manually check all formatting points one by one and send you a complete report that contains OK points and NOT OK points with detailed instructions to update your resume.

You will then need to rework your resume by following our instructions in the report and resubmit it back until it reaches 100% formatting points.

This step allows your resume to be compliant for application-screening robots and be a perfect fit regarding your industry and profile.

Review report of formatting check on resume

Keywords Optimization Report: Put Your Resume On Top

We then check how your resume fits the type of job you are interested in, and how you can stand out by highlighting the best values you can offer to your future employer.

We scan your resume with your selected job ads in mind and then we send you a complete report that contains your match rate, important keywords that your resume is missing, and the best values you can bring to the company to highlight.

You will then need to update your resume by adding missing keywords and resubmit it for a final check to reach at least 50% match rate.

This step allows your resume to be seen by a recruiter. 75% of applicant resumes are blocked because of issues with formatting and keywords optimization.

Keywords Optimization Report for U.S. resume

I increased my response rate by over 50%! Now, I receive almost 75% of the responses to my applications.


- Sales Director & Team Leader

Testimonial of a happy client

I found my job in New York. I thank you again for your work that really helped me in my research. One of the crucial points on which you helped me is the resume editing. In addition to ATS compliance and the presentation of an official resume, really targeting a position and only showing the information related to this position allowed me to be selected.


Robotics | Mechatronics | Embedded Systems

testimonial happy client