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applications with an irresistible resume and cover letter!

Only read this page if: 

  • you are highly motivated to find a job or an internship in the USA (whether you currently have a work permit or not),
  • you want your resume to be amazing, well suited to the American market and as irresistible as possible,
  • you want to stand out with an incredible cover letter and know when to negotiate your visa if you do not currently have one, 
  • if you have already applied, you are fed up of not getting, or only very few answers to your applications, and you want to know why and how to fix it (no, Trump is not necessarily the cause), 
  • If you have not applied yet, you do not want to waste time, and quickly find your job in the USA by putting all the chances on your side now.

If this is your case, then read these lines carefully, because I will now reveal to you how a candidate managed to obtain 75% of answers to his applications.

Jean-François had flooded the US market with more than 90 applications, on New York and Los Angeles, and didn’t get anywhere.  


Until we explain to him how the hiring process works in the United States ... He had to redo his resume at least 10 times to beat the recruitment software.  


Yes, since it is possible to apply to job openings online, HR receive hundreds of resumes and can no longer keep up. So 99% of big companies in the US, and 50% of medium-sized companies have invested in software that scans and ranks resumes based on job search criteria.  


 Sales Director & Team Leader


Which means that if your resume is not formatted properly, it will never be read... This system eliminates 75% of candidates just like that.  


Since Jean-François formatted his resume correctly with effective techniques, he has increased his response rate by more than 50%! Now, he receives over 75% responses to his applications:

I promise you it's insane. I increased my response rate by over 50%! Now, I receive almost 75% of responses to my applications.

I then decided to test these techniques with 2 other different people that were in 2 different fields. And it worked!

Want to know how he worked his resume to achieve these results?

Module 1: Create your irresistible American resume,

 suitable to pass the computer robots

I will teach you 3 big steps, how you too can turn your resume and get 75% of employer responses:

Step 1 : Make your resume up to the American standards

If you are applying for a position in the US with your resume adapted to your home country, you are unlikely to be contacted.  


So in addition to being written in English, your resume must be up to the American standards if you want responses! This is very important because some of the criteria you use for your current resume may hurt you in the US market.

Think that you will always be competing with many other candidates ...  


For this reason I would like to go over this first step with you:

  • How to create and / or adapt your resume up to the American standards. 
  • What format matches to your profile best, experiences, career path and job. 
  • Templates and resumes examples according to your profile and profession.
  • Special vocabulary to use to build your resume.

This first step consists of a training video, several practical sheets and vocabulary sheetexamples and American resume samples according to your profile (multiple or linear profile), according to the number of years of experiences you have (from no experience to a senior profile), your background (experiences in the same field, or multiple job changes, or career change, or "hole" in your resume, etc.), your job (according to the industry and your area of expertise).  

At the end of this first step, you will have a resume suited to your profile, profession, background, and up to the American standards.

Step 2 : Format your resume to pass the computer robots 

It is no longer a secret for you, 75% of companies in the United States use a robot to scan your resume. This software is called ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). If your resume is not formatted properly, and does not contain the right keywords in the right place, it will NEVER be seen by a recruiter, even if you are the perfect person for the job! 


Scary, isn’t it?  


Do you think you already have the perfect resume? How is it then that you do not have 75% of responses?


To find out if your resume has passed the ATS test, and has been seen by a recruiter, it's simple: 

• If you receive an answer (either positive or negative), it means that your resume has been seen: good job! 

• If you have not receive an answer, your resume has been blocked by the ATS. Because recruiters are (almost) always answering people selected by the ATS system, whether negative or positive!  

Take the test! This is a mathematical concept. And for this, I give you the method that will give you the percentage of chance that your resume will be seen by a real person, for any given job offer. This will allow you to increase your chances. :)

Also, you must know all the ATS secrets to fight it. 

I will teach you: 

• How to know if your resume will be scanned by a robot according to the offer for which you are applying for, in order to adapt it. 

• The technique to format your resume, and pass the computer robots.

• The mistakes NOT to make.

• How to analyze job offers, and know what to change in your resume and where, this put the odds in your favor.


This second step consists of a training video, and 2 essential tools that will allow you to format your resume, and fight robots (ATS).  


At the end of this second step, your formatted resume will be seen by approximately 75% of the recruiters of the companies you are targeting.

Step 3: Make your resume irresistible

Once your resume is up to the American standards, and formatted to pass the computer robots, you only have one big step left to make sure you stand out: to integrate key elements that will amazingly transform it into an irresistible resume.


In this section, I will reveal: 

• The effective technique to make your resume irresistible. 

• A trick that will make you stand out. 

• How to make it completely understandable by the recruiter with equivalences (having experiences and diplomas abroad is not so easy to explain).

• How to convince the recruiter that you are the best candidate.

This last step consist of a training video, several practical cards, and an essential exercise that will make your resume fully successful.  


At the end of this first step, you will have an amazing resume, which can only interest the curiosity of the employer.

Module 2: Create a stunning cover letter

 and cleverly tackle the visa application

The most comon problem that comes up is the visa sponsorship. Only 10% of employers are willing to sponsor the visa in the USA. And of these 10%, some will answer you with this explanation: "We do not sponsor visas". That is what I may call a false excuse.


For this, there is a simple technique to apply for a sponsorship visa to the employer, without this being a drag. And that's what I'm going to reveal to you.


In this second module, I will show you: 

• When and how to apply for your sponsorship visa, depending on your profile, without this being a barrier for the employer. 

• How to properly write your cover letter. 

• How to adapt your cover letter according to the targeted position. 

This module consists of 4 training videos, several factsheets, a vocabulary sheetexercises, and cover letter templates.


At the end of this second module, you will have an amazing cover letter, and you will know how to apply for a visa.

Invest today to get incredible applications

It took me more than 2 years to perfect this training. To create it, I invested more than $7,440 in training and tools. I also participated in seminars, did a lot of research, and tested all these strategies and techniques with 3 people from different fields.  


The price of this pack resume and Letter of Motivation is $9- payable once. You will receive all the content of the training immediately after your registration.

Pack Get Ready

  • Get your incredible American resume
  • Write an amazing cover letter
  • Bonus: Become a LinkedIn killer
  • Bonus: Boost your application with recommendations & referrals

$97 all at once

All payable at once – Unlimited access

Bonuses included in this package

Bonus 1: Become a killer on LinkedIn! ($45 value)

Your web presence is just as important as your resume and cover letter. Today, 95% of recruiters in the US systematically look at your LinkedIn profile when they receive your application.  

In this bonus, we will see your online visibility, as well as how to maintain a positive image on LinkedIn. 

I will teach you: 

  • How to build your online image. 
  • How to create and maintain your LinkedIn profile. 
  • The elements you need to add to your profile to stand out from the crowd, and be found and contacted by recruiters in the US.
  • How to build your network.  

This bonus consists of a training video.

Bonus 2: Boost your application with referrals and recommendations! ($45 value)

Nowadays, it's not enough to send your resume and cover letter for a job offer you've seen. It was true 10 years ago, but not anymore.  

The US job market has evolved a lot since it's possible to apply online, and your strategy must also evolve if you want to stand out and succeed. 

To be recommended is a very common custum in the American culture, even essential. With this technique, you will have 5x more chances of landing your interviewsOr rather, without this technique, you will not go far! 

In this bonus, we will go over:

  • By whom you need to get your recommendations (whether you are a student or a senior).
  • How to get them quickly and efficiently.
  • In what way. 
  • How to use your recommendations and referrals so that it is the most beneficial for you when you apply. 
  • When to talk about your recommendations.  

This bonus consists of a training video and several templates and samples of recommendation letters. At the end of this video, you will have in your possession, all the additional documents necessary for your application.

What do they think about it?

Irène Martinez Monetization and Partnerships Manager

I feel very in touch with all the advice you give. I do not regret my investment because I learned lots of things!

Lola Robotics | Mechatronics | Embedded Systems

Found her job in New York - With the pack Get Ready

I found my job! I'm going to work for the French startup ***** as Junior Technical Project Manager in New York.

I thank you again for your work that really helped me in my research. One of the crucial points on which you helped me is the resume writing. In addition to ATS compliance and the presentation of an official resume, really targeting a position and only showing the information related to this position allowed me to be selected.

Many people contact me and ask me how I got there, I never hesitate to recommend them USponsor Me.

Eva Schouten Intern

4 months

I am currently an intern at xxxxxxx in San Francisco. I gained this internship in the USA as you helped me to finalize my resume in the right
format for which I am very grateful!

Jean-François Sales Director & Team Leader

Got several interviews

I promise you it works well it's crazy. I was able to increase my response rate by over 50%! Now, I receive almost 75% of responses to my applications.

Emmanuel Solid Waster Management Consultant

Found his job in Detroit, Michigan - With the pack Get Ready

I followed her highly effective methodology for my resume and LinkedIn solicitation, and I hung in there for more than 6 months and was able to multiply my direct contacts with business leaders and get my 1-year J-1 Visa in Michigan.

Thank you so much, you enlightened me in the agonizing professional maze in the United States!

Lea Kaufmann PhD Student

This training is great and I would recommend it to my friends!

The modules are well put together, the information is clear and precise. All of it is presented in a way that makes it easy to find. It helps you not to be all over the place, going in all directions, as it surely would have been the case for me if I had not discovered this method ...

In reality

These are real tips that I will share with you following Max and I experience as well as many immigrants encountered.


The content is deepened by my many researches that I have been able to do during these last months, and during several interviews with Experts.


This is a step by step training, designed with a series of actions to follow my explanations. 

You only need to follow it and apply it!

At your own pace

You will be able to follow the trainings at your own pace, because you will have a private area with all the content, accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

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