Eligibility check

Ready to Make Your American Dream Come True?

Understand how visa sponsorship works and how realistic is your American project

Are you wondering:

  • If you can get a job in the United States, and how?
  • If you can get a U.S. visa sponsorship, and how?
  • What are your chance to get to/stay in the United States through employment?
  • If it can be temporarily or permanently?
  • What are your visa options?
  • How does this whole thing work?

If so, you are at the right place!

Verify Your Eligibility & Know The Feasibility of Your U.S. Project

+ Get Guidance On The Whole Procedure

You will get:

Visa Verification & Chance Evaluation

Get your visa options manually verified by an expert and get a clear vision of:

  • Visa options you qualify and for what types of job
  • What is your chance to get hired and get sponsored
  • The limitations: visa process duration, cost, stay durationjob search duration
  • The procedure: how to get your job and obtain your visa
  • Manually verified by an expert

To verify your visa options and evaluate your chance, we take into account:

  • Your profile: education, experience, skills, achievements, age, citizenship(s), country of residency, and current location.
  • Your preferences: desired job, desired starting date, desired length of stay, work authorization requirement for spouse if applicable, and budget.
  • The current U.S. job market and immigration rules during COVID19.

--> If you have any options in mind, we will be happy to consider them.

--> If you do not pre qualify to any types of visa yet, you will know what pathway(s) you’ll need to take to make your project feasible.

With your Eligibility Check, you will also get:

Available in Eligibility Check

Job Opportunities In The U.S. Directly in Your pocket!

Get jobs with guaranteed sponsorship and high sponsorship potential directly in your mailbox and USponsorMe dashboard; we define what types of job (job titles) you should target depending on your profile and visa qualification, and we deliver job opportunities directly to you. Those jobs are screened and saved for you by an expert.

  • Jobs that match your validated visa options
  • Jobs that you can do (that match your profile)

Available in Eligibility Check

Sponsorship Request Approach

Don't blow your chance to land job interviews and get hired, get the right approach when it comes to visa sponsorship request for each of your validated visa option.

Available in Eligibility Check

Your Resume Reviewed

Get your resume reviewed by an expert, and follow our advices to rework your resume so that becomes:

  • ATS-friendly
  • Adapted to the U.S. Market
  • Adapted to Your Profile
  • Correctly Structured
  • Correctly Written
  • With Good Visa Request

Important Note: we do not provide legal advice. We deliver legal information and job strategy guidance regarding the information you provide us. If you illegally stayed in the USA, have a criminal record or got any denied visas in the past, you’ll better need to consult a lawyer in immigration law. Contact us and we will reroot you directly to one of our attorneys in immigration law for a legal consultation instead.