How does the COVID-19 pandemic impact U.S. expatriation?

With COVID-19, the current exceptional worldwide pandemic, many countries have implemented a travel ban and confinement to flatten the curve of new cases.

We strongly believe these measures are needed to save many lives.

Unfortunately, these measures have no end date and could be shifted in the coming weeks until the CDC feels safe for people to travel again.

How is USponsorMe impacted?

At USponsor Me, we are safe and confined at home. Maxime quit his job to join full-time USponsorMe to build new features just before the pandemic got crazy.

Unfortunately, for the last 2 weeks, our daily traffic and revenue dropped. And in order to try to save USponsorMe during the pandemic and avoid service shutdown, we had no option but to cut costs such as tools, and contractors (7 among 8).

As a consequence, support is temporarily reduced, the next JobSearch Academy is postponed, and you might see the fewer newsletters from us too. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

What is the immigration situation in the USA?

USCIS closed their offices to the public delaying all appointments for GC, citizenship, fingerprints interviews. Check this page for the most recent closing dates. US consulates and embassies are also being closed to the public in certain countries, postponing appointments until further notice.

However, application renewals, changes of status inquiries are still being processed as usual. USCIS also still continue accepting new visa inquiries. And you can still schedule a new appointment starting June 2020 of the time of writing.

Note: as the situation evolves rapidly, make sure to always get the latest information from trusted sources (.gov websites).

What is the hiring situation in the USA?

Most of the US-based companies are impacted, and have to cut costs, lay off people and implement remote work for employees.

Others are massively hiring to face the pandemic, especially in:

  • health (to heal patients, do research for medications, vaccines, etc.),
  • the food industry (to produce groceries and daily supplies faster, grocery stores, etc),
  • logistics (to deliver, provide groceries and daily supplies faster, etc),
  • IT (data scientist to analyze coronavirus data, online software tools to work remotely, online entertainment, entertainment for the whole family at home),
  • communication (to communicate on the pandemic every day), etc.

Should I apply for jobs now?

If you are currently based in the USA and need a new visa or visa renewal, you can keep applying, as USCIS keeps treating visas change of status and new visa inquiries. You should still get job alerts from us.

Otherwise because of the travel ban and embassy appointments delayed, if you are not currently based in the USA, we recommend you consider this job-seeking period as blank and do not apply now (we also put your job alert on-hold).

Instead, you should spend this time hardening your expatriation project. Indeed, most of you are now confined at home and this is a great opportunity for you to spend the time you didn’t have before on your project.

We recommend you to:

  • take English class online to learn/improve your English, run blank interviews in English
  • explore the different locations in the USA (living costs/job opportunities/competitions)
  • craft your perfect American resume
  • explore your visa(s) and job opportunities solutions (maybe you don’t need to be sponsored by a company!)

Being more prepared means you will be among the first ones ready to leave during the upcoming surge for new opportunities after the confinement.

Finally, you should postpone your target departure date until everything resume and comes back to normal.

How can USponsor Me keep helping me during this time?

We are going to do our best and provide you with more relevant products and services that we know will make you stand-up from the crowd of job seekers as soon as new jobs spikes again. 

Therefore, we are working on 3 new services:

  • English class, blank interviews in English
  • crafting your perfect American resume
  • exploring visa(s) and job opportunities options

You will be notified once we launch them. Stay Tuned. 🙂

In the meantime, we appreciate your support to keep us online.

Stay home and safe.

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